EPI awards two scholarships to film professionals attending the European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA
Akira Okiyama Martins and Jyri Kähönen (from left to right)

EPI awards two scholarships to film professionals attending the European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA

22. November 2023 –

 Two students of the international master receive scholarships

Congratulations to Jyri Kähönen and Akira Okiyama Martins for receiving a partial scholarship for the international executive master program European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA. Last week, the scholarships were symbolically awarded to the students during the first week of in-person classes in Potsdam-Babelsberg, where the second cohort met for the second module on the Legal Framework of the European Film and TV Business.

Jyri Kähönen is an international Film and TV director, from Finland, whose work includes major TV series for international streamers, among them BORDERTOWN and TRACKERS. Before his career as a director, Jyri worked as a journalist, photographer, and assistant director:

I am most grateful for the EPI scholarship. It enables me to take part in the MBA in European Film Business and Law program. I have been a filmmaker all my life but worked on the creative side of the business. The program is an unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the business and legal side of the industry. The program has already proved it’s value in giving invaluable insight with my plans to expand also to international TV and film producing. I am looking forward for the rest of the classes.”

Akira Okiyama Martins opened his Brazilian company, Rodô, in 2022, which focused on content creation, storytelling and transmedia projects, and currently on the production of a children's series, a documentary series and two feature films. Akira is also an international content producer for LinkedIn and now based in Austria:

I see the studies of European Film Business and Law as a great opportunity to integrate myself into the European market. Having recently relocated from Brazil, and being a Latin American, living in Europe now strengthens my belief in constructing a robust bridge of business opportunities between the two territories. I am grateful that the Erich Pommer Institut recognized my capabilities and invested in my future with this scholarship. This support enables me to concentrate on my studies and the development of my career here in Europe. I can't wait to deep dive into the content of the program and exchange experiences with my outstanding colleagues.”

The European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA is an international master's program for executives and professionals from the audiovisual industry. The program is a cooperation between the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, the University of Potsdam and the Erich Pommer Institut.


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