October 2022 - March 2023 - Currently in progress

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AUDIOVISUAL WOMEN is a new leadership program for female professionals in mid- to senior level management positions that sets out to enhance the women's skillset to enable and empower them to master current industry challenges, develop innovative business models and embrace the opportunities of digitization. Through a variety of elements, the women will increase their competitiveness, build professional networks and gain more business opportunities, thus ensuring a sustainable and successful development of their businesses.

AUDIOVISUAL WOMEN addresses female managers working across the value chain in the European audiovisual industry, offering a highly interdisciplinary and unique approach to training and professional development. Besides the female professionals, the program also includes the hiring managers of their companies.

The program elements for the female professionals focus on topics such as (digital) leader- and entrepreneurship, innovation and change management in a VUCA world as well as communication and self-marketing. The combination of tailor-made live on-site and online training, 1:1 business coaching, exclusive networking opportunities and a self-study phase with access to innovative online courses allows for a holistic and interactive experience and equips the women with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

The hiring managers will be included in the program through a two-day training addressing gender equality and diversity management. The training provides them with tools to implement more diverse and gender equal hiring practices to create change on a larger level.

DatumOctober 2022 - March 2023
OrtOnline as well as on-site at various locations in Europe (subject to current travel restrictions)
FormatLive online and on-site training, 1:1 business coaching, on-demand online courses, networking
ZielgruppeFemale managers working across the audiovisual value chain as well as hiring managers of their companies
Preis500 - 1.900 €
StipendienScholarships and discounts available. For more information, see below.
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How will you benefit from AUDIOVISUAL WOMEN?

How will you benefit from AUDIOVISUAL WOMEN?

  • Develop your entrepreneurial and leadership skills
  • Understand and master digital trends
  • Enhance your communication and conflict resolution abilities
  • Participate in online and on-site workshops led by experienced business coaches and industry experts
  • Take advantage of interdisciplinary networking opportunities within the group of fellow selected professionals
  • Boost your business opportunities
  • Address individual professional challenges in 1:1 business coaching sessions
  • Learn at your own pace through access to a selection of EPI's innovative online courses
  • For the participating hiring managers or decision makers: acquire the skills to implement more diverse hiring practices and support your company to become more competitive and relevant


Annette Birkholz
Annette Birkholz
Creative Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, BOGENAKADEMIE Berlin, Germany

program elements for female managers (Still subject to change)

Module 1: Leadership and Communication
Dates: October 26-29, 2022 in Berlin / Germany

  • Understanding who you are and what drives you
  • Motivating your team through mindful and healthy leadership
  • Navigating levels of communication and conflicts
  • Communicating who you are and positioning yourself as a female leader while staying true to your values
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On-site workshop, 4 days

Module 2: Development
Dates: November 2022 - March 2023

  • Access to a selection of EPI's innovative online courses​​​​​​​
  • 1:1 business coaching by a designated business coach
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Self-study phase, 30-50 hours of learning/coaching

Module 3: New Work and Entrepreneurship
Dates: February 10-11, 2023 online

  • Challenges of traditional vs. agile leadership
  • Finding and making informed choices for sustainable business development
  • Balancing your role as entrepreneur, AV professional and business partner
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Live online workshop, 2 days

Module 4: Innovation and Change Management in the AV Industry
Dates: March 1-4, 2023 in Munich / Germany

  • Models of change and the psychological basics of change processes
  • Digital trends and innovation opportunities as well as risks
  • Introducing New Work and agility in your organization
  • Recognizing innovation potential, drivers and barriers in the AV industry
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On-site workshop, 4 days

program elements for hiring managers (Still subject to change)

Module 5: Modern Gender Equality Management
Dates: March 2023

  • Workshop for hiring managers in the businesses of the participating women to adress the issue of gender and diversity at the HR level
  • What is the point of gender equality management?
  • Implementing gender equality management in organizations
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Live online workshop, 2 days

Application procedure, Participation fees and scholarships

Application Procedure

Application deadline has already expired.

Formal application requirements:

  • Female professionals in mid- to senior-level management positions in the audiovisual industry
  • Companies from across the value chain in the European audiovisual industry (film / TV / games / digital, etc.)
  • At least 3 years experience in the audiovidual industry
  • Please note applications cannot be saved mid-process or changed after submission

    Further information on the application and the selection process: 

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    Application evaluation criteria:

    • The level of industry experience
    • The motivation and reasons to be selected

    Selection process:

    • Applications will be reviewed by a designated committee which may include the program's partners
    • All applicants will be informed about the status of their application in due time
    • If selected, information may be taken from the application form for publishing in print materials or in press releases (where stated and subject to the selected producer's revisions).

    Application information to be submitted:

    1.  Personal and Contact Information
    2.  Professional or Employment Information (incl. a professional biography, max. 1200 characters ~200 words)
    3.  Company Information
    4.  Information about the Nominated Hiring Manager (incl. a professional biography, max. 1200 characters ~200 words)
    5.  Your Motivation to Apply (Letter of motivation // Questions to address: Why is this program important for you and your career at this moment in time? Why should we select you? What are your professional goals for the next ten years? max. 1000 characters)
    6.  Financing | Scholarships (incl. a letter of motivation, max. 1000 characters)

    Participation Fees

    The regular participation fee is 1.900,00 EUR. Various discounts and scholarships are available (see below).

    We offer financing consultancy and financing plans to help producers enable their participation. Please contact us for further information. We encourage all applicants to seek financial support with their national/regional funding bodies.

    Discounts and scholarships

    FOCAL scholarship

    Thanks to the support of our industry partner - FOCAL, we are pleased to offer reduced participation fee of 500€ to one selected team based in Switzerland.

    MEDIA scholarships

    A limited number of mostly partial scholarships will be available for nationals of the following countries thanks to our Creative Europe - MEDIA funding: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

    Participants from countries that are not part of European Union's MEDIA initiative may still be viable for a scholarship depending on their participation in the MEDIA strand. These countries include: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Ukraine.

    FFF Bayern scholarship

    Thanks to our funder, FFF Bayern, we are pleased to offer a partial scholarship to one selected team from Bavaria.

    EPI Scholarship

    The Erich Pommer Institut encourages cultural and social diversity in their training activities and welcomes everyone to take part in our programs - regardless of their ethnic and social background, disability, or age. The EPI Scholarship sets out to ensure that our participants come from varied backgrounds and creates opportunities for those from marginalized groups and those who may otherwise not be able to participate.

    EWA Network and WIFTI Discounts

    Thanks to our partners EWA Network - European Women's Audiovisual Network and WIFTI (Women in Film & Television International), we are offering discounts of 100€ for one selected member of each organization.

    EAVE Alumna Discount

    Thanks to our partner EAVE, we are offering a 100€ discount for one selected alumna.

    Please indicate in the application form if you want to apply for a scholarship.

    Please note scholarships and discounts are non-combinable.


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    Dina Rubanovitš
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    Katarzyna von Matthiessen
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