You cannot climb a mountain without orientation.
Bernie Stampfer

You cannot climb a mountain without orientation.

A short interview with industry veteran Bernie Stampfer

Today, co-producers face a whole new set of challenges in light of the ongoing pandemic. How will production stops and closed theatres affect funding regulations? How will distribution chains change considering the growing importance of the streamers? What new criteria should your decisions be based on to ensure the sustainable development of your business?

We haven spoken with Bernie Stampfer about orientation in these unsettled times, the changing role of cinema and future perspectives within the world of co-production. Bernie has 30+ years of industry experience, is a member of the European and German Film Academies and is once again the Head of Studies of our upcoming  international workshop European Co-Production - Legal and Financial Aspects. This year, the workshop will take place online. 

How has the media industry changed in the recent past and especially in the last months?

"When the word disruption entered the film and television world years ago, its meaning was limited to the entry of Netflix & Co. The combination of this extreme change in our business with the crisis symptoms of the Covid-19 pandemic have gained explosive power: Nothing will ever be the same again."

Why is a workshop on European co-production so important in times of Covid-19?

"You cannot climb a mountain without orientation. Especially nowadays this workshop offers advice, insight and future perspectives. The 2020 edition of European Co-Production will address the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic head-on: The exponentially accelerating digital distribution of content, the fundamentally changing situation of cinema and the restructuring of distribution and international sales. These factors will affect business strategies of virtually all independent producers in Europe."

Currently, a lot of webinars are taking place. Why is this online workshop a must for producers?
"On the one hand, we were able to attract renowned industry experts who will give us insights into their experiences and practical work under these difficult conditions. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to the expertise of the best in the fields of production, financing, contracting and international distribution. On the other hand, our digital technology allows questions and answers and we will conclude the online workshop with collaboration in virtual working groups. Open, exciting and entertaining communication is guaranteed!

I am well aware that an exchange with industry colleagues is more intensive when you see each other on-site, but especially now it is crucial to get to know colleagues, to create partnerships for life and to be in a close exchange, having a look at the other film and TV professionals and how they deal with this new norm. In this situation it is important to listen to industry colleagues as well as experts who will tell all about their financial, legal and logistic backups."

Many thanks for the interview.

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