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Female leaders are still underrepresented in business, politics and science. There are multiple reasons for that. One of them is the unrecognized potential of private and professional networks. Actually, strategic networking is a crucial success factor!

This online course provides practical tips as well as up-to-date statistical and scientific facts and makes you curious for female networking.

  • Value-based Networking
  • Success strategies & Insider tips
  • Practical tools & exercises
Datumjederzeit | Zugang für 6 Monate
FormatOnline-Kurs | 9 Kapitel | 30 Videos | 4-5 Std. Lernzeit
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eTraining | - Successful Networking for Women
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Trailer & Previews


Trailer - Successful Networking for Women


Preview: chapter 5.2 | Networker's Spirit


Preview: chapter 5.3 | Connector's Skills


Preview: chapter 6.1 |  Women are better than Men


Preview: chapter 7.1 | Altruism

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Alexander S. Wolf
Alexander S. Wolf
Networking Expert, Head of Dictyonomie Institut and Managing Partner of AusserGewöhnlich Berlin


The eTraining introduces you to the world of dictyonomy, the art of building networks, and provides the necessary tools for establishing a well functioning network.

Compact and entertaining, each lesson conveys new knowledge and helps to activate existing skills and to make more efficient use of them.

Course Overview


eTraining | - Successful Networking for Women

  • 9 chapters
  • total learning time: approx. 4 - 5 h
  • access is valid for one person on three devices for six months starting from the purchase date

Company packages
Here you can find out more about our company packages:

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  • starting from 5 course licenses: 179 EUR including VAT.
  • starting from 10 course licenses: 159 EUR including VAT.
  • starting from 15 course licenses: 139 EUR including VAT.
  • starting from 20 course licenses: 119 EUR including VAT.
  • starting from 30 course licenses: 99 EUR including VAT.

What is an eTraining?

Learn anytime and at your own pace

  • Flexible time management
  • Summaries and checklists for download

Update your knowledge – anywhere and on any device

  • Learn in your preferred environment

Benefit from a new learning experience

  • High quality course material including numerous hours of studio-shot videos
  • Quizzes for testing your newly acquired knowledge

Learn from the best

  • Detailed information, practical tips and business insights by acclaimed experts

Save time and money

  • Cost- and time-efficient
  • Do not miss valuable office time
  • Save travel and hotel costs


Antonia Jordi
Antonia Jordi
Projektkoordinatorin eTraining
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